Altie Create Trail Run

Altie Create Trail Run

Aug 14, 2022
6:00 AM
Starts from R150
Capacity 3
Sold 3
6km Trail Run: R150
16km Trail Run: R250

ALTiE create trails started with a deep feeling of gratitude, which is many memories from the heart.
After racing off road motorcycles for many years, experiencing many beautiful places all around the world and getting to ride in so many amazing landscapes from deserts to forests it was time to look at things differently and start giving back. I had a deep longing to be kinder to Mother Earth and create sustainable trails to inspire a better connection with nature.
I still love riding dirt bikes but also realise that they can have a harsh impact on nature so I started carefully designing trails that will flow and keep the impact as low as possible.
With my love for trail running/hiking and just exploring nature I realised that these trails will be perfect for trail running and I would love to share it with more people.

These trails offers amazing views and you get to experience some wildlife , like “tak bokke” roaming around. Gradually climbing from the lower fields to the higher trails you get to see the beautiful green and yellow patches of canola and grain fields of the Overberg.
With this specific event I want to show how it is possible to use sustainable dirt bike trails for an amazing trail running experience too. If our intentions are to be mindful we can work together.

Running and nature is close to my heart ,so I invite you to come and enjoy it with me and create your own memories in your heart to experience that feeling of gratitude.

Thank you
Altus de Wet

Event info:

- Fun trail run (not a race)
Do your own Strava timing
if you want.

- 16km ( intermediate flowing
technical trails with 2 water points.)
*Start 8:00am*

- 6km (easy with short intermediate sections with 1 water point.)
*Start 8:30am*


Price: 16km (R250)
6km (R150)

Bring some cash for coffee and pancakes. We want to make it a really cool morning vibe and leave participants with the afternoon for family time.

Keep in mind ⚠️
- No dogs please
- Canola will be in bloom so bees 🐝 will be active for those that are allergic. We will have a medic at the event on standby.