Makadas XC GPS Rally – Two day event

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Makadas XC GPS Rally – Two day event
The Makadas train which ran between Touws River and Ladismith was an integral part of the history and life of the little Karoo. After over 50km of the line was destroyed during the 500 year flood at Lainsburg in 25 January 1981, the train line and the service it provided, which had been an important part of life of Ladismith for 56 years, came to and end and the line and its support structures stations, sidings, water towers) fell into disrepair and feded into history.
The original loco, with her nameplate of "Makadas" had also stood at the entrance to Ladismith for some years before she was moved away. For those whose lives are lived close to the sites of these events, the Makadas train, the train line and its memory needed revival in the present day.
The Van der Vyver family are enthusiastic off-road and endurance riders and are members of a local riding group, the Klein Karoo Dirt Club, and have ridden the trails, roads and mountains in the area their whole lives. In 2019 the brothers took part in the Cape Cross Country Tankwa Rally. After riding the event again in 2020, Izak decided to have a similar event in Ladismith. Clive Crouse from Cape Cross Country was approached to assist with the planning of the rally. Izak wanted to use the event as a way to market Ladismith to the riding comunity and to get the local community on board to provide services and assist with logistics.
Snippet Courtesy of Dirt & Trail
Join the annual Makadas Cross Country Rally coming up 13-14 August 2022
Ladismith Western Cape
E 21 15' 49.9" S 33 30' 04.5"
13 - 14 August 2022
NO MSA License required
Proof of Private Medical Aid or Medical Insurance required
GPS Compulsory